With the work in Seattle completed, I packed my things this morning and headed to Seattle International. The airport was busy today and the security check took forever. My next destination was Dallas Ft. Worth, Texas.

While in the air, we passed by this mountain:

A few hours later, we were standing in the oven hot temperatures of the South. Ended up walking to this steakhouse called Del Frisco’s which was around the corner of the hotel… turned out to be quite a fancy restaurant. Everyone was dressed up, and when I went to the restroom, there was one of those dudes in there that hold a towel out for you and turn on the sink.

Since Texas is famous for its steak, and I never actually had Filet Mignon before… I figured those two were the perfect combination and this was a good opportunity to try it. $40 later and I get to eat this.

Bad picture because the restaurant was so dim inside… but the steak was very delicious. Super tender, felt like it melted in your mouth. It didn’t look too big but it was filling enough.

Back to the hotel.

Actual work starts tomorrow in a city called Richardson.

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