Okay, I couldn’t help from getting some aesthetic upgrades. Sure, they don’t make the bike go faster… but it’s already faster than 99% of the cars on the road :) In my defense, the carbon fiber pieces are lighter than the stock ones, if that’s worth anything. At first I wanted to replace the key guard, since the stock one is made out of some hard rubber material and it’s finish wasn’t the most robust. So I decided to get a carbon fiber cover for it from Shift-Tech, but decided to get some other stuff as well… you know, to match…

Below shows the front fender, sprocket cover, and the key guard cover.

Front fender before:


The key guard.

And the sprocket cover.

One thing I excluded from the order was the exhaust heat shield, but quickly decided that was needed as well, and it arrived soon enough.


Carbon Fiber-izzled:

These pieces fit without issue and add a nice touch to the bike in my opinion.

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