Back in they day I was a big car nerd, I thought everything about them was sick dawg. I would rage over Tsukuba lap-times and goggle at how much of a work of art BBS wheels were. As shameful as it is to admit this, I even bought a fanboy Nismo t-shirt and even a Z hat when I had a 300zx. In my defense, I was 16-18 at the time. Looking back, those were definitely some ignorant, cruel days. Another thing I thought was cool was going to “meets” and car shows. Or in other words, drive out to a random parking lot, park, and talk to random strangers (99.9% males, with the .1% being males who were really females underneath). Yeah man, those were the days. I can’t wait to stand in a parking lot all day looking at sweet rides.

I’ve been trying to go to less and less of these things over time. As I mentioned earlier about how vain the car culture really is, I come across the epitome of exactly that. It’s called the “Fatlace x Stanceworks 512 Project,” which is basically a car show… on a race track.

Just when I thought the whole more-stickers=more-awesome, offset-is-everything, low-or-die, drift-touge-wangan scene couldn’t stoop any lower, there’s this.

They really did rent out a race track to park on it. I’m out of things to say, I’m speechless. The whole “Stance” movement and their aggregates (stanceworks/nation/country/city/town) is too much to comprehend. All I can say is I’m so glad I’m out of the car scene. I feel like I’ve rid a burden off my back. I still like cars of course, but not in the same way.

Only very recently have I started to think as radically as this. All the new changes in my life and realized outlooks, I like.

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