After a rather extended hiatus, I’ve decided to bring Grand Mighty back. While the website may have gone through a few changes in the past, all of varying intensities, I didn’t want it to remain idle forever. Now, however, I’ve decided to focus it on my personal use. Before I was writing for Grand Mighty in a constrictive fashion with certain content topics, in order to appeal to a certain target audience. Now I simply don’t care about all that, and I’m just going to run this site entirely under my own discretion :)

To keep things easy, this website is fundamentally going to be about my life and things that interest me. Why have a website if you can’t use it for yourself, is what I say. While this motive might come off as a little pretentious, it is the best and only method I can think of that will ensure content that I am freely able to write about.

With that said, I hope you will enjoy or at least gain some level of entertainment from the content to come. If not, then what can I say… you can’t please everyone! Welcome to!

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