When choosing what style layout I should take for this website, I ultimately decided to return to the basics. I now feel that website that have crazy graphics and structuring often detract from the most important part, the content. This is why I went with this very minimalistic layout. Elements on the website are kept more orderly, and the overall simplicity aids in user-friendliness. You don’t need an overkill of colors or huge complicated backgrounds everywhere.

Similarly, I’ve been trying to apply the same such constitution with my life. Too much clutter and material want only cloud what’s important. A lot of big changes have occurred recently, all of which I see are for the better. I’m definitely trying to prioritize my needs, and disregard or delete entirely the inconsequential desires.

More on all that later as we go. This subject is surely multi-faceted. I don’t want to start off with some rant on my perspective on life or anything weird like that right off the bat.

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