I felt that introducing my old car would be appropriate in setting an undertone for this website and the posts to come. I got this car on July 4th of 2008, and sold it a couple weeks ago. During that time period, I spent an insane amount of time and money modding it. When I look back now, I realize how big of a mistake that was… at least from a monetary and time consumption stand point. All the experience I gained from working on the car is invaluable, and is the one thing I will remember the car by.

Here are some of the last pictures I was able to take of the car, in it’s final stages… in other words, when I was satisfied with it, and considered it “done.” I was more-or-less burned out from working on it so much, and for no real purpose. I was hardly home because of school, so the car was very rarely driven. When I did drive it, I would usually just use it to go around the block or get some food. I realized I had no use for this car to constantly sit in the garage and hold up money, which is what lead me to sell it. Now that it is gone, I have no regrets. So why did I do all that work, if I was just going to sell it? I honestly couldn’t tell you, but I was too focused on it. I had an agenda to make the car how I wanted, and didn’t stop until I got there… once I got there, then I discovered the fault.

I meticulously logged progress on the RX-7 as I went, all that information can be found on http://projectfd.com

Now why was showing off my car relevant? Because with the sale, I’ve adapted to a new perspective. I think the whole modding cars business, especially in the way I did it, portrays too much vanity. Too many kids these days are into sticker bombing their cars and putting trinkets everywhere, then drive it to “meets” and park it. What’s the point? So other guys can jock your faux-luis vuitton covered trim panels, or excuse me, your vast creativity.

Either way I’m not hating, just saying. I just don’t see a point in all that effort. I’m out of it, and I don’t see myself modding a car to be cool ever again. To prove it, I’m currently actively seeking a 4 cylinder Toyota 4-Runner for it’s utility purposes.

To carry my new rationale even further, I’ve completely lost the desire to have a fancy, fast sports car in general… or at least for a while. My new passion is in the form of 2 wheels, and with it, I realize just how boring cars are to me now.

I had to get all that off my shoulders :)

4 thoughts on “My Old RX-7

  1. dude for real? you sold that? damn. shit was good, you did a great job with it.. hopefully it didnt go to some dumb fuck who is going to ruin it…?

  2. i applaud you for your new perspective on cars. it’s definitely one that’s mature-minded. honestly, the practicality of owning one can only go so far. i guess i can’t say that i’ve been there yet but i’m assuming i will after i “dump” some money into the car or “do” whatever i’ve been wanting to do to it like taking it to the track and what not. in the end, they’re just cars. it’s main purpose is to take a person from point A to point B.

  3. You got it my man. You gotta weigh and balance the joy you get from the car versus the troubles associated with it. For me, the amount of fun I was getting out of the car wasn’t worth the money and it sitting. If you’re gonna have an important material object, make sure it’s one that counts

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