Yesterday (Father’s Day) started off with getting an early lunch… while waiting for a table, this lady came out of the woodworks. She had a rather serious-business hat on, so I took a picture.


Then a few hours later, it was time to head to Oakland International and catch my 5:00PM flight to Seattle via Alaska Air. This marks my first exciting step into a new chapter of my life. The sky and clouds were rather pleasant in the air.

As we descended into Seattle, the typical Northwestern weather became apparent. Overcast, but it didn’t rain, surprisingly.

After I signed into my hotel, I called it a night. Today I woke up, ate a bagel, and called a cab for downtown Bellevue for my first day at my new job. The office was located in the 500 building:

Work went smooth and I learned a lot. Dallas tomorrow. I’ll leave off with this song, I always did like it.

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