Call me fickle, because I can’t completely deny it. In my search for the best fitting and most proper gear, I’m yet again going through some changes. I recently sold my AGV GP-Tech helmet because  the Rossi scheme became a bit too flashy for me. It was a great helmet and fit me fine, but I’m too slow to be able to wear the 46 number and not look like a poser. Secondly, I sold my Sidi Vertigo boots. When I was trying on boots at the store previously, I was under the impression that tighter was better. That is not so. I went way too tight with the Sidi’s, and they gave me much discomfort during the Trackday last weekend. By the afternoon, I couldn’t even feel my feet since they went completely numb. It sucked to say the least, so I had to sell them. I was also able to unload a RS-Taichi RSJ826 jacket, since I don’t ride on the street often and had no use for it. With RS-Taichi being a Japanese brand, it was of good quality… but my tastes still lean towards Dainese as my favorite.

Anyway, I now had to find a replacement for the Sidi’s. After looking at some Dainese boots online, I knew they were what I wanted. Today, I journeyed into San Francisco (cliffnotes: gloomy weather, city driving sucks) to pay a visit to the Dainese D-Store on South Van Ness and buy some boots directly. No dealers really carried any of the newer Dainese boots, and neither did Dainese warehouses, but the D-Store luckily had a few of them.

Cool store, it was Dainese heaven inside. I spent extra time trying on and retrying different boots and sizes to make sure I’d get the right ones this time. The Sidi’s I had were a size 41 Euro, which were the absolute smallest I could fit in, and proved to be far too snug over time. After trying on some 42’s this time, they were perfect. A small amount of heel lift, and they were snug (but not too snug).

I originally wanted the Dainese Axial Race boots, but in person they weren’t so flattering. Quite plain and generic for such an expensive boot. Then I turned my attention to the new Torque Pro’s, and they fit much better and looked to be made better as well. Not to mention they were a bit cheaper.

A successful trip, and I now proudly have some very awesome boots.

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