With my Sidi boots finally in today, the package is complete. I bought these boots on eBay from the UK because their colorway wasn’t offered in the US. I liked the black and white scheme, and it goes well with everything else. They sat for a week in Customs in New York, and then took another week to get here… When the boots did get here, they were delivered to the wrong address :( I had to call FedEx and the driver came back to retrieve it.

Here is what they look like. I opted out from buying the higher end Vertices or the Vertigo Corses. Those have more bindings to tighten up, but I feel that the Vertigos fit tight enough.

Now I can introduce my one-piece suit. This was a major purchase for me. I was originally looking at the Dainese Steel suit, but I couldn’t find anyone that carried it anymore. While calling one seller, I found out they had one Dainese W-Frame suit in my size (40/50) on hand and in a black and white scheme… I couldn’t resist. This suit is a lot higher end than anything I had been looking at, but I’m not complaining :)

2 thoughts on “Dainese W-Frame and Sidi Vertigo

  1. I got the same suit in same colours, use it for every day riding with Sidi Vertigo boots, great bit of kit, only trouble I find is when standing with it on the lower back / bum area is a little baggy, when on bike its fine, the 2 peice I used to have I was snug as a bug in a rug but it was an older 1980s suite with only small armoursections and was getting very tatty hence replacement, compaired to the W-Frame which is well armourd, mine is a UK 40 -EU50 and other than the baggy back fits very well, got mine for £800 ($1200 ish) brand new with Dainese care pack, hanger and suite cover, a bargin, the Sidi boots are black with red and white detailing, one thing the suite should of had is a zip in the crotch area as taking a pee is a little troublesome without taking top half off, the T-age does !

    1. You got a great deal on the suit!! I have the same size suit as you, too. I haven’t noticed the bagginess in the lower back too much, mainly because I’m usually focused on the tightness around the crotch when upright, LOL

      I think the W-Frame just has an aggressive race cut in it and is best suited leaned down in a riding position. I’m kind of wishing I got it in All Black as the white seems to be a bit hard to maintain over time

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