I guess you could say this is another “gift” for myself. Okay, so I like to indulge sometimes… but I saw this as an applicable necessity. I first got into photography back in high school, which started with a Nikon D50 and a 50mm f/1.8 lens. I had that for a while and then sold the D50, got a D90, and put the 50mm on that. I later sold the D90 with the lens. Now about a year has passed, and I decided to get back into it. This time I’m crossing over to Canon. I love Nikon’s build feel in the body and their metering systems, but they’ve been behind recently. I waited for something new to come out, like a new D90 replacement (since it’s video shooting ability sucks)… but no news. Then Canon comes out with the 550D/T2i, which shares the sensor from the 7D. On top of that, the 550D has fleshed out video capture features that include full 1080 HD, and different FPS’s from 24,30, and up to 60.

It was just what I was looking for, not to mention being that it’s a Rebel, cheaper. I didn’t want to spend $2,000+ on a camera, which I will explain why in the next post.

The list of all the different components I wanted with the camera ended up being fairly large…

The camera unpacked:

Admittedly, the plastics on the camera aren’t as solid feeling, in my opinion, as Nikon’s. However, I had a solution in the form of the Delkin Snug-It Pro cover. Not only does it protect the camera, it makes it feel more sturdy and adds grip. Unfortunately, getting it to work in conjunction with the battery grip wasn’t plug and play. With the Snug-It on, the battery grip can’t lock in flush with the bottom of the camera, so the terminals aren’t making full contact; which, evidentially, doesn’t allow the camera to turn on. I had to trim around the bottom of the Snug-It to give more clearance so the battery grip can sit in all the way. Also, the the cover had a weird flap that went over the hot shoe. I thought that was useless and finicky so I cut it off.

Here is everything assembled. I’m using a 50mm f/1.8 prime lens again, to keep it with tradition so to speak.

I wanted to try it out, and what better subject than my bike.

One thought on “Say Cheese

  1. nice camera you got there. ever since i moved, i wasn’t able to relocate my camera that i packed. -__- anyway, nice to see that you’re back snapping shots again. i’ve always been fond of the pictures you took. definitely look forward to seeing some pics taken by you now. no more “camera phone” pics on every blog post anymore. lol

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