Pushing along with the Previa, the next batch of parts include a set of NGK Iridium spark plugs, universal K&N cone air filter, and a Magnaflow Race muffler.

I decided to throw in the sparkplugs first, which meant taking out the passenger seat, folding over the carpet, and then unbolting a metal cover. All of this was in order to reveal the starboard side of the engine, where the spark plugs sat:

As always with cars, tasks like changing spark plugs may appear simple initially, but can be derailed at any given moment. In this case, all I was suppose to do was unplug the wires, stick in a socket and unscrew the old ones, then reverse the steps. Unfortunately, I couldn’t even get past the unplugging part. As soon as I grabbed the top of the wire and pulled it off, the boot split… or they were on so tight that the crimp at the end of the wire detached and remained on the plug. Either these spark plug wires were cheap or really old, but nevertheless they now required replacing.

I made a trip to the local auto parts store and picked up some new BWD spark plug wires, and a pair of floor mats since I was there.

After removing the old plugs, here’s a comparison of new and old. The actual tip of the old ones didn’t seem to be worn down too badly, just dirty.

Once the spark plug and wire change was all taken care of, my new direct-fit catalytic converter arrived. I now have all the pieces to take to a muffler shop to redo the exhaust system.

Updating the tally… things are starting to add up quick now:

  • Purchased Vehicle: $1250
  • Smog Test (Failed): $31
  • Coolant Leak Diagnosis: $10
  • Coolant Pipe from Junkyard: $24 + $2 entrance fee
  • Mobil 1 Oil: $27
  • Oil Filter: $4
  • Sea Foam: $9
  • Wiper Blades: $28
  • Bosch Upstream O2 Sensor: $78
  • Bosch Downstream O2 Sensor: $50
  • AC Delco Battery: $56
  • Bumper Coating Paint: $4
  • Work for Coolant Pipe and New Belts: $180
  • K&N Cone Air Filter: $39
  • NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs: $29
  • Direct-Fit Catalytic Converter: $154
  • Magnaflow 5×8 Race Muffler: $130
  • BWD Spark Plug Wires: $49
  • Floor Mats: $16

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