Let’s see… where to start. I should probably mention that I sold my Ducati 848. By now, it probably seems like I have a disorder on a medical level since I go through things rather quickly. As spontaneous as the sale of the Ducati was, it, along with everything else I go through and change, I see as pertinent stepping stones. I can’t really find out what I want until I gain insight through first hand experiences.

My primary ambition from the first day I went forward with my M1 license training was to eventually take the riding to the track. Getting a nice bike to ride on the street seemed like the most logical approach to get started. Then, after riding for a while, or in this case, after not riding for a while, I realized riding in the street wasn’t something I’d do regularly. I don’t commute with a motorcycle simply because it’s too inconvenient to gear up and to be limited in what you can carry, etc. After the track day at Thunderhill, I became more focused and really wanted to develop my skills at the track more. This is where priority comes in, and thus I decided it was a necessary deed to sell the Ducati in order to fund a track only bike. Of course, I could’ve just turned the 848 into a track bike; however, it’s much too expensive for me to be able to abuse. I have to settle for something cheaper.

I was able to sell the Ducati on Monday. Afterwards, I had to immediately head for San Francisco International and catch a flight Denver. I had to do a good amount of travelling within Colorado this past week. By the end of the trip, the rental car allocated approximately 600-700 additional miles.

Upon landing in Denver, I drove south to Colorado Springs where the hotel was. Then it was off to University of Colorado at Colorado Springs in the morning for work.

I believe Pike’s Peak is somewhere along the mountains in the background. I wanted to check it out, but unfortunately there just wasn’t time.

The next day, it was back on the road to a podunk, quaint town called La Junta.

Where work was done at their local community college.

I actually stayed in La Junta that night, because further testing was due the next morning. Little did I know, this town had absolutely no Taxi service and the rental car was with a coworker that day. Luckily, I was able to bum a ride from a maintenance guy back to the college. Otherwise, I would’ve had to walk  about 3 miles… it’s not the distance that’s challenging, it’s that Southern Colorado gets hot.

Anyway, all the testing was accomplished by noon, then it was back onto the road to another town called Lamar. Check out downtown Lamar. These people must really like America’s fast food chains, as virtually every single one was showcased within a mile’s stretch.

After finishing the work in Lamar, it was time to drive 3 hours back to Denver for the night.

This morning, I said goodbye to the Rockies and flew back to California after a long week.

One notable point you might’ve noticed in the pictures above, is that Colorado has a lot of cool clouds, especially above the prairie lands.

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