I drove over to the Berkeley hills today to pick up this thing. It’s a 2007 Specialized Tarmac S-Works SL. The seller also had a Roubaix and liked its more relaxed geometry over the Tarmac. Since he didn’t really ride it, I was glad to pick it up from him. The bike did not include the wheels or pedals. Well, it had some Time clipless pedals, but the guy was very reluctant to sell them to me. When I got to his house, we needed a set of allen wrenches to take off the pedals, which he didn’t have. I ended up having to drive into town and buy a set so I could take them off for him. He also slyly took off the water bottle cages that were on the bike, which I thought was a little mean. Why couldn’t they just be included, especially when I’m dropping this much cash?

Oh well, the bike itself is in very good shape. Extremely light as well, it’s currently sitting at around 9 lbs without pedals or wheels. I’m excited to put this thing to work and get my fat ass back in shape. I primarily bought it for this purpose since I haven’t been getting much exercise as of late. Plus, it will be good cross training for my motorcycle.

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