I met up with a dude named Charles yesterday and his Black R6. This used to be a track bike before he bought it, but he’s done a measurable amount of track days himself. We weren’t really sure where to go for a good photo spot. Going towards the hills into a Golf Course seemed like a good idea, so we set off towards Calaveras Rd. The location was scenic, and once we rolled into the middle area of the golf course, it became a battle between time and the sun… and golf balls. As far as photoshoots go, this is probably one of my more “dangerous” ones. As it turns out, the location we parked at happened to be directly inline of where golfers tee-off and drive down range. There were definitely some ruthless golfers out there… granted we were probably distracting their game, but some of the balls landed threateningly close. It was a challenge working with the flash units for the first time while expecting to be knocked-out at any second, but the turnout was worth it in my opinion. I’m very happy with the results the flashes give.

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