Woke up this morning and went to Coyote Hills again. It was windy yesterday night, and consistently throughout today as well. Met a fair amount of headwind riding there, but that meant the other direction was super easy. I did a loop around the back again, then decided to find something new. There was another trail further down the road from the entrance to the park, and that went out into the marshlands. The pavement eventually ended at this boat that ran aground. Since this seemed like a popular photo op for people that come out here, I decided to indulge as well.

Pretty fun ride, but I noticed at the very start there was some sort of clicking/creaking sound from my bike. It only really happened when I pedaled hard or slalomed. The sound seemed like it was coming from the rear, but I’m pretty certain it’s from the seatpost. It doesn’t happen when I’m off the saddle. So, I got some grease made for carbon seat posts, and oiled up everything around the seat rails. Hopefully that should do something.

One thought on “Coyote Hills III

  1. nice. now that i’m finally done working on the car, or at least installing the gauge, i think i should go for a bike ride like you. =P consistency is the key to getting in shape… i need that. xP

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