I continued progress on the CBR today, going through a few tasks. I’m purposely going slow with all this, not only to be meticulous, but also because I’m still waiting on some key parts… I received the body fairings last week, but I got sent the wrong stuff: ’09 upper and lowers instead of ’07-’08, and a supersport tail instead of the superbike tail I needed. That, and I still don’t have an exhaust… so no point in rushing now.

I started off cleaning up the bike some more and taking care of the hole the exhaust servo left in the tail. I mixed up some resin and slapped a piece of fiberglass cloth on there.

I also decided to get the oil change out of the way. Draining the old stuff… ugly and brown.

In with the new and clear Synthetic Repsol 10W-50:

Next, I swapped out the front sprocket with the new Renthal 15T. Definitely some nice machining on Renthal’s part.

I bought this Samco Radiator hose kit from the U.K.:

And proceeded to put on most of the hoses. There is one hose on the right side of the bike that goes through the frame into the middle, which proved to be the trickier of the bunch to work with. I changed it out when I had the gas tank up and the intake out.

All of the OEM hoses were on tight, they needed a freight train to pull off. Much more force and strain than I felt was necessary, so I did it the easy way by cutting and splitting them off. Doing the reverse and slipping on the Samco hoses was far easier.

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