After waiting for the past few days for my bicycle’s tires, which was the only thing I needed before assembly, I couldn’t wait anymore. I just went to a local bike shop and bought another pair of the same tires so I could finally get the Tarmac running.

Yesterday, I went over to a bike store in Hayward who told me they had in stock a pair of Sidi Genius 5 Pro clipless shoes in a size 43. I go there, only to find out their only box contained mismatched pair of size 43 and a 43.5. I tried on a size 42 just to see, and it was a bit too small. The 43 was actually slightly big, so a 42.5 would have been ideal. I was a bit bummed walking away without the shoes, but a quick look on craigslist yielded a new in box pair of the same shoes in the golden 42.5. I emailed the guy and later picked up the shoes in the afternoon, at a much lower cost than retail at that. Awesome how my luck turned.

Anyway, once I got the wheels on the bike, I spent some time doing various adjustments. Centering and aligning the brakes and pads, raising the seat up, etc. The previous owner had the seat really far down, DAS IST NICHT EFFIZIENT! A couple hours later, the bike was ready for a ride. It felt extremely easy to pedal for me once I found a nice ratio. I personally prefer to spin a little more, rather than push a high gearing. The Tarmac really keeps up the momentum once you get going, I love it. I haven’t touched a bicycle or done anything of related exercise in about 2 months, so I was out of shape, but it still felt good. I can’t wait to get some miles down, and my cardio up.

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