I’ve been searching feverishly for a while now for a suitable middle-weight bike, and especially so since I sold the Ducati. A lot of searches yielded results that were either sold already, or too high in price. I think I was too tight with my budget because I wanted a deal. I’ve been looking for either a 2007+ CBR600RR, or a 2006+ Yamaha R6. I came across an ad for a 2008 Silver CBR yesterday night, and called this morning to arrange a meeting. The bike was described to be “like new” and it felt like it was time to pull the trigger.

I went to a family lunch gathering in the morning-afternoon in Millbrae, then made my way over to San Jose to check out the bike. When I called the seller to tell him I was on my way, he said there was another guy on his way to look at it as well… so that added a bit of stress and potentially reduced my bargaining leverage. Once I arrived, the CBR was still in his garage so that was a good sign. I checked it over, approved, and handed him the cash.

Luckily for me, the person that looked at the bike before me offered him a price that was slightly lower than mine, but he accepted mine. Loading the bike into the Previa was a little difficult since the van was relatively high in the rear. Starting off from a grade to reduce the angle of the ramp definitely helped, in this case, we used the sidewalk.

After a careful drive back home, here it is :)

The CBR rides noticeably smooth and silky. Starting off is much easier than the Ducati was (mainly because the 848 had a tall gearing that made first gear harder to get going). The brakes don’t grab as hard as the Ducati’s Brembos did. Overall, the bike is very nice and clean. Some scratches on the right side but nothing major. Mileage right now is at around 3640.

I’m ecstatic, should be an interesting and fun road ahead with this thing. It was the right choice to let go of the Ducati for this CBR… the Honda is much cheaper and easier on maintenance.

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