I found out a buddy of mine passed away this morning in a car accident. He was a cool and good person, very easy to get along with. His passion was definitely with driving, he had a few Miatas and was insanely quick around Calaveras road. I remember getting a couple rides from him last summer, and the level he was at on that road was almost unmatched. While skillful, the rate and intensity of his driving eventually caught up. He went off the shoulder on Page Mill and his life was ended far too soon. Rest in Peace Darryl, you will be missed.

News story Here.

5 thoughts on “R.I.P. Darryl A. Gainer

  1. Wow im speechless i dont really know what to say! I been in florida all summer and was hopping nothing happen when i was gone i got a call at two thirty in the morning to hear something i didnt want to hear… Darryl was in a car crash and didnt pull through… Ive hung out with darryl a few times always at quicks just talking away with him. Darryl was an awesome guy fun and easy to talk to..One way to remember him is he was a great person and he owend calaveras! You will be missed man by the crew and everyone at quicks and union landing including family…. R.I.P darryl…

    Chris Humphrey…

  2. He was a great guy for sure. I don’t have any details on the funeral yet, but I’m sure someone will have something up

    Darryl was the king of calaveras in my book, and he died doing what he loved :)

  3. the funeral will be held this saturday in modesto california. aprx time is at 1
    for more details visit nor-cal240sx.com

    Darryl Gainer…..
    buddy you will be missed and loved by the crew of nor-cal240sx and others.
    you enlighted our lives with laughter and memories

    drive on sucka!!

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