A couple days ago, I sold my camera equipment. The Canon T2i, strobes, etc. are all gone. I only had it for about 2 months, so I think that characterizes me as rather indecisive.

I first got back into photography and bought all the gear, in the first place, to pick up a dropped hobby. I used to be really into photography when I was first learning. This time, I thought it’d be something for me to do again, and I was hoping to take it a bit more seriously, hence the whole Portfolio deal. I took a lot of pictures for a number of people, all pro bono of course. It was interesting and good practice, but then towards the end I realized how much work it was. That’s when the motivation and fun became directly related and started declining. I remember during the G35 shoot, I was battling with so many variables: testing and getting all the camera settings right, moving the strobes in a thousand different positions, fighting to get pictures quick and at all angles before the sun went too far down, taking atleast 20 shots at each angle to make sure everything was in focus and lit correctly, etc… No doubt a little stressful.

Simply put, I realized that to be good in photography, I would’ve had to invest a ton of time and effort into it. There was definitely no way I could go out and take pictures frequently.

Furthermore, the fact that cameras are so expensive, and this whole thing took a nice chunk of monetary investment, it just wasn’t worth it anymore to hold onto. This was very similar to why I sold my old Nikon D90 last summer, I guess I thought it could be different this time around.

So, with that, I’m dropping photography to focus on other things. After a while, it just wasn’t as fun as it used to be. I do hope to pick up a cheaper point and shoot so I can get some unique content for this site. I also think that with a point and shoot, I won’t be pressured as much to try and get good pictures, so it should be more enjoyable.

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