… must begin with a single step. I continued, today, the motif of doing various smaller tasks.

Starting by taking out the stock brake pads and replacing them with a set of sintered metal Vesrah RJL pads (bottom). These are actually going into a pair of ’09 CBR1000RR monoblock calipers (more on those later).

Next, I wasn’t too happy with the finish on the intake air dam… so I gave it a new coat.

Here’s a pic of some gold heat foil I put on to protect delicate areas where electronics would sit above.

I put together most of the new Woodcraft brake side rear set. I ended up exchanging the tygon tubing coming out of the master cylinder with a longer one I had. My plan is to plug this line and turn it into a simplified brake reservoir.

I also loosened up the top triple clamp and took off the clutch side riser bar underneath it. In preparation for the new clip on components, here’s a comparison of my foldable CRG clutch lever versus stock. There are many cheaper alternatives when it comes to levers, but I definitely don’t think money should be skimped in this area. Not only is it a direct control for the rider, but these levers really offer the potential of fine machining and craftsmanship.

The stock upper fairing stay was bulky and heavy, so I’m switching it with this piece from Motoholders.

Front assembly ready to go on the bike, with the bank sensor and speedometer mounted to the fairing stay, and the fairing stay mounted to the intake dam.

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