I let myself go the past couple of weeks, just been caught up in things and haven’t put the effort into riding. The weather was nice today, so I hit up my neighbor, and sure enough, he was down. So far I’ve mainly just been riding with my neighbor since he’s easiest to meet up with, and is very consistent in wanting to ride. Yet to do a larger group ride though.

We first headed off towards Niles Canyon, but saw that there was going to be too much traffic to bother, so it was off towards Coyote Hills.

Weather was slightly hot, and definitely windy. The route included going out to Coyote Hills via Alvarado Niles (before I used to always take Paseo Padre, but I now prefer this), going out to the boat, coming back and doing 2 loops around the back side of the park. The tailwind coming back from the boat felt great, and going around the back of the mountain shielded the wind as well.

Good ride with a decent pace. My right quad started to cramp up on the last stretch of road back home. That’s either because I wasn’t fully prepared nutritionally or whatever – or it means the ride was ridden proper :)

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