I came home from a trip to the Windy City of Chicago yesterday. The plane ride was a little over 4 hours long. I really hate Southwest’s stupid open seating, especially when you’re one of the last ones to board. Everyone takes either the window or aisle seats, leaving middle seats that you have to ask for. I ended up getting an aisle seat near the back, where there was some free in-flight entertainment in the form of loud drunkards. This guy and his friend were already the annoying type sober, so alcohol only compounded the problem.

Anyway, the hotel I stayed at was right in the middle of the Financial district which was cool. The impression of  the city’s size and scale was immediate. Here are some pictures I was able to snap off.

The work site was across the street from the Sear’s Tower (or I guess it’s now called the Willis Tower).

Before catching my flight out, I had to dump some old equipment from the job, so I got to mob around in the rental car for a bit. I ended up spending a lot of time driving through, let’s say, Chicago’s less affluent neighborhoods. All the while listening to metal on the radio, it was fun.

All in all, Chicago was a memorable place. Not to mention, they had some stellar pizzas.

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