Did a few odds and ends on the CBR today. First thing I did was put back the front wheel to lower the bike. Then I removed the front intake assembly.

The agenda was to gut the insides of the air intake. I didn’t take a picture of the before, but Honda included a bunch of restrictive fins. More Air, More Power… so all this junk had to come out:

I used my cheap $10 dremel to smoothen out the ridges inside, sanded with some 400 grit paper, and gave it a little paint in the work areas. Here is the intake all opened up.

Also yesterday, I made this Exhaust Servo Eliminator. Since I removed the servo, simply having it unplugged will throw an F.I. code and put the engine in limp mode. By using a 470uF electrolytic capacitor with 220 ohm and 4.7k  ohm resistors ran in series on the positive side, you can trick the ECU into thinking the servo is still there.

I also took the first steps towards the Brakes by bleeding out all the old fluid to get ready for the new bits… While working on the rear brake, I took the opportunity to bust out the angle grinder and cut off this bracket from the subframe, which held the rear reservoir.

Some finishing grinding and then paint later, good as gone.

With all the spray bombing action today, I decided to go one step further and hit the stock heel guard with black bumper coating. The Woodcraft rearsets that need to go on reuse the heel guard on the brake side…

One thought on “One Step at a Time

  1. These single steps are going a long way dude. Every time you post progress of your bike, it makes me wanna do something to my car… =P Of course, that can’t happen cuz no moolah. Keep it up Eric! I definitely look forward checkin’ the bike out whenever I hit up NorCal.

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