Ever since I sold the Canon T2i, I’ve been using my cell phone’s crappy camera. While I have no need for an overly expensive and bulky DSLR, having a camera of some caliber is a necessity. In a Utopian world, cell phones would be capable of superb pictures, but this is not the case and unlikely anytime soon. After some thinking and evaluating of what I predominantly tend to shoot, I decided all that I required was a compact point & shoot. I am not a professional photographer by any means, nor am I going to strive to be one, so the difference of using a camera that costs as much as some cars is nil.

The older Canon PowerShot S90 took very nice pictures, and with the recent release of the S95… the choice was easy.

After walking outside the garage this afternoon, I spotted a small package sitting on the porch, which had this inside :)

So far after a couple test shots, I am very pleased with the image quality. This should certainly do the job for me.

The gripes I have is with its handling, while very compact and straight forward, gripping it is slightly tricky. It’s also easy to touch the buttons on the back while shooting. More importantly, stay tuned to see what this thing can produce.

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