Spent the entirety of last week in the air and in Cordoba, Argentina. Right off the bat, I knew it would be my favorite of traveled places thus far. Everywhere else I’ve been going had been, generally speaking, similar to each other. Cordoba, however, was a lot more unique. I definitely enjoyed the experience.

The people there were nice, although it can be a little tricky communicating to some of the locals who don’t speak English. My fault for taking French in High School.

The way people drive there is superb. People in the States are used to others being reasonably deliberate: signalling, keeping in your lane, etc. But then this leads to ineptitude, and drivers freaking out thinking you’re going to hit them when you get a little close… That’s not the case in Cordoba. Lane changes happened constantly, and cars would be bumper to bumper. If there was any open space in the road, a car would try to fill it. There were many intersections that had no lights or stop signs, just open.

I brought my S95 with me on this trip, and got good use out of it. I love the portability of this camera, I just walked around, pulled it out of my pocket, pushed the shutter, and moved on. I would’ve felt foolish toting around a giant DSLR. Due to the amount of pictures, I’m going to break this post up into 2 parts.

One of the flight connections was in Santiago, Chile.

Flew over the Andes on the way to Argentina.

Eventually, I was in the city.

Due to how much history Cordoba has, there were a number of churches and other relics scattered around.

One thing I loved was how most of the sodas came in GLASS bottles rather than cheap aluminum cans.

On the subject of beverages, one of the traditional drinks in Argentina is called Mate, which is similar to tea.

While at the work site, I heard what sounded like drums down the street, and then fireworks. It turned out to be a strike from the bus drivers or of that nature.

The work I was doing in Cordoba finished in 2 days, so I ended up having all of Friday completely free. I spent the day walking around and exploring. Eventually found my way into the outskirts and neighborhoods of town, and back.

More later!

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