The Alpinestars GP-Pro gloves I had needed changing up. The gloves themselves weren’t bad, but at the same time they didn’t strike me as being anything stellar. I think that’s fairly representative for Alpinestars as a brand – “good” products, but not at the top.

I was originally looking at a pair of Dainese Full Metal gloves, and was close to pulling the trigger on them, until by serendipity I discovered the Knox Handroid gloves. Knox, known to make stellar back protectors, recently came out with this very stunning glove, or “hand armor” as they call it. After merely looking at them, I knew these were the gloves to get. The price, surprisingly, wasn’t bad either. The Handroids’ retail isn’t much higher than what the GP-Pros go for…

The Handroids came in today, and quality and sheer level of detail was immediately apparent. As I said, the GP-Pro’s were good gloves, but these Knoxes are on a completely different level. The amount of technology in these gloves alone sets them apart.

The underside has Kangaroo leather, which is more abrasion and tear resistant than conventional leather, and can be utilized thinner.

A look at the sliders and cuff area.

Arguably, the feature that stands out the most are the Exo Skeletal spines, which cover vulnerable areas of the fingers. They also move and retract with finger movement. Knox also uses a Boa lacing system to tighten the gauntlet, easy since all you have to do now is turn a dial.

Overall, the Knox Handroids are a very nice pair of gloves and nothing can come close to the cool-factor. They feel great and the quality is superb. Everything from the Japanese leathers used to the stitching is top notch.

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