Here’s new development in regards to my cycling department… I ended up putting the Tarmac on eBay and selling it. The main reason why I sold the bicycle is because I got bored of road cycling. After being involved with it for 3 years or so now, and basically doing only road that entire time, it’s time for something new. That, and the other reason is because I want something that is closer in form to Motorcycle riding. The whole purpose of even cycling for me is to not only stay in shape, but to keep me familiarized with riding when I’m not on a motorcycle.

Road biking doesn’t share that many similarities to Motorcycling, but Mountain Biking does. When the Tarmac was sold, I ended up finding this gem and couldn’t help but pick it up. Quite a bit over my initial budget, but I can’t complain.

The specs are as follows.

  • 2009 Santa Cruz Blur LT2
  • Groupset: Full Shimano XTR
  • Headset: Chris King
  • Fork: Fox Float 32 RLC
  • Handlebars: Race Face Carbon
  • Stem: Thomson Elite
  • Seatpost: Thomson Masterpiece
  • Wheels: Mavic 819s to Chris King Hubs
  • Pedals: Specialized Lo Pro Mag 2

The bike is solid and in good shape, especially as far as mountain bikes go. MUCH funner to ride and even just sit on than a roadie can ever be.

Riding a road bicycle is too focused on keeping the same exact cadence for miles in straight lines, any opportunities for fun is few and far in between. It’s all tight-spandex wearing glamour, and I’m not fond of riding inches away from cars on the streets either.

Just having risers instead of drops is so much more natural for me, too. Mountain biking is a lot more dynamic, and it’s actually about turning instead of only pedaling from point A to point B.

Only problem now is finding quality places to ride. I took the Blur out today to the Pleasanton Ridge, but it was 90% fireroad and all climbing… looks like I’ll have to travel outside the East Bay.

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