Was in New York City this last work week, and got another look at the center of Manhattan. With the weather in the Bay Area being in the 50s when I left, I was surprised to find out that New York was around the same temperatures, and even hotter towards Wednesday.

Anyway, during my trip I managed to snap off a set of pictures while I was around.

Times Square in the morning.

On Tuesday, the annual Tree Lighting at Rockefeller Plaza was going on, so I decided to check it out. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make much progress on this, given that the entire area was FILLED with people. Being that the space in the actual plaza is limited, I overheard a Police Officer mention that you needed a VIP Pass to even get in. Thousands and thousands of people were basically piled around the block. Not sure what the point was because you couldn’t see crap, but you could hear Mariah Carey I guess…

The Spruce itself!

As they say, New York is the city that never sleeps. Here’s Times Square at night.

I will leave off with this Panorama.

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