Spent the most part of this week in the city of Austin. I didn’t bring my actual camera with me for this trip, because I didn’t think the place would be anything too out of the ordinary to warrant it.  Started off by seeing downtown… which isn’t that big in my opinion, although clean and more spread apart than other metropolitans.

Texas likes to do things big, it seems… there was also a super Walmart not too far away.

You can’t be in Texas without trying out the BBQ or steaks at least once… In my situation, I tried it out far more than once.

During the course of the week, I’ve been eating some huge meals. Everything from BBQ to Sirloin Steak to Pacific Snapper to Pad Thai to Chicken Fajitas… Great food all around, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m a few pounds heavier.

While at Rudy’s, I noticed they had bags of water hanging all around the building… didn’t think people actually thought it’d work to repel flies (because it doesn’t).

Lastly, a view as seen from inside the job site.

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