On a rainy Christmas Day with not a whole lot to do, I decided to throw on a pair of case covers I had laying around.

I started by taking off the lower fairing, as well as draining the oil. The oil I ran before was slightly too thick, this time around I’m going to pour in 10w-40 (instead of 50).

The case covers I have are from GBRacing, made out of high-impact composite material and Long Glass Fibered Nylon. Feels like a heavy-duty plastic in your hand.

The installation was truly bolt-on and attaches via longer bolts around the case. Here’s the Clutch Pulse cover on:

Stator side Before:

Stator side After:

Being that the engine covers are a point of impact in the event of a crash, these covers should add invaluable protection in critical areas. The stock metal underneath isn’t particularly thick, and is prone to puncturing and spilling out oil.

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