After installing the new headunit, I felt compelled to keep the ball rolling and get a subwoofer…

I went into this perfectly aware that I would be spending more money pointlessly, but it’s one of those things where you just say screw it. My mentality is to make the best of what you got (which is really an excuse for wasting money). Getting that bump in the trunk for my Previa will be the icing on the cake, figuratively speaking. With that cake being a very ghetto one. :)

I picked up an amplifier cable kit from a local audio store, and bought the sub-amp-box setup from a friend. Little did he know, I had him bound to an unconditional contract of slave labor upon the purchase agreement. Since I was feeling particularly lazy, credit for the majority of the install goes to him (and a few others for helping out).

The first thing we did was figure out a spot to penetrate the firewall for the power cable. A large cable grommet proved to be sufficient, so we stabbed it with a kitchen scissor and shoved the wire through.

Routing the wiring inside the cabin was definitely the hardest part. I had previously removed a pair of ash trays on the large side panel (weight savings, duh), and the rearmost one provided a hole for the wires to come out.

I usually don’t have any of the rear seats in the van, but if I do, the front row seats are easiest to reinstall, so the subwoofer is positioned just behind that row.

I’ll just go ahead and self-acclaim my van to be the best van in existence now.

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