It’s been over 5 days now since the extraction, and I’m still handicapped. This “grey” time period after the surgery, but before total healing is the worst, in my opinion. At the beginning, all the pain was to be expected, which made dealing with it much easier. Now it just seems like I’m counting the days.

The pain isn’t bad anymore, but it’s not completely gone yet either. I still can’t eat properly, which is torturous. While my jaw movement is mostly back and I can technically chew fine, there’s discomfort anytime food touches the bottom extraction sites. For some reason I’m still getting tastes of blood.

As of now, I’ve lost 10lbs. All I want is for this waiting game to be over, but I have a feeling there’s still many more days to go before I can resume any level of normal eating. I might go delirious soon, who knows. Constantly thinking about all the possible food I want to eat isn’t helping, either.

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