Here’s a look at my “office.” Nothing fancy, but the old desk I was using drastically needed updating. My criteria wasn’t stringent, all I wanted was something affordable and usable. I settled on one of those assemble-at-home desks you can find at most large retailers (in my case I went to Office Max).

I specifically chose the slightly more expensive version with the keyboard tray, because it had 2 extra crossbars. I omitted the actual tray, however, to keep things simpler. Not a bad table for the money and offers sufficient surface area.

It’s true, I replaced my office chair with a yoga ball. Figured if I’m going to sit at a desk, I might as well get some passive training out of it. What are the benefits? For one, not having a back support means I can’t be lazy and slouch. Sitting on an exercise ball also provides better circulation, and not to mention a better sense of balance given its unstable surface. It’s also really cheap (balling on a budget?), in my case I went to Walmart and bought the ball for $15. Great for trying the idea out, but I want to upgrade to a better ball soon, since this cheap one doesn’t hold air nor its shape well (gets lopsided).

People over 5’10” should get the 75cm size versus the 65cm.

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