The Computer. The most integral piece of any modern man’s workspace. I personally don’t buy into the extravagantly marked-up prices of Apples. Granted, aesthetic appeal and user friendliness are definitely there, but I like to look at things from a more utility-oriented standpoint. That’s why my main desktop is a Windows PC, and the route I chose is relatively frugal.

This is my desktop, a Gateway.

Gateway may have a bed rep of being low-end, budget computers, but I think they’ve steadily been improving lately. Just like Hyundai, who, out of the blue, has started making respectable cars.

The main reason why I went with Gateway is because of how nicely they kit out some models (Intel i7, current graphics cards, etc.). Building a computer on your own to the same specs would surely be much more expensive.

On top of Gateway’s already budget friendly prices, I bought my particular PC refurbished off of eBay. I think it was around $500. I changed out the power supply with a slightly bigger one I had laying around, and added in a couple more gigs of RAM. It’s been a year now, and still runs like the day it arrived.

I’m personally not a fan of doing everything on a laptop, which is why I mainly use that desktop. For the infrequent occasions where I do need a computer on-the-go, I have this baby…

An IBM ThinkPad T42, circa the Middle Ages. It was a hand-me-down, but I love it. Does everything a laptop should ever need to do. Like many IBM products, this ThinkPad is SOLID. I’m pretty sure it’ll be there with the cockroaches post nuclear fallout.

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