For the final part of this series, so to speak, I’ll be reviewing my keyboard + mouse. Being that these devises are what you primarily touch when on a computer, it makes sense to make sure they’re what you want.

The keyboard I went with is a Unicomp Spacesaver. Here’s a brief history and background: Starting in 1984, IBM manufactured the iconic “Model M” keyboard. Rights to the keyboard later changed hands over to Lexmark, and ultimately Unicomp. What’s so special about this Model M keyboard? They’re well-built units with a steel backing plate construction, and are famed for lasting years. My favorite feature of this keyboard is the buckling spring design, which gives each keystroke a tactile feedback. I really like the audible “click-clack” noise the springs give. The generic keyboards nowadays use the dome switch design, which feel plain.

I could have bought an original Model M off of eBay, but I preferred the slightly smaller design of Unicomp’s Spacesaver and it’s USB connection over PS2.

Unicomp has stuck close to the formula and it’s still solidly constructed (weighs over 3lbs).

Moving onto the mouse, I went with a Logitech Performance MX. I tried a couple of those gaming style mice in the past, but I’m not a fan of how small they usually are. The Performance MX has a good, comfortable shape to it. Lots of features and it feels quality.

Logitech’s “Dark field” laser technology lets you use the mouse on a reflective surface like glass, nice touch.

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