Okay, I know in the multilink arms post I mentioned priority was given to suspension, yet here I am with “entry-level” Taiwanese coilovers. Before you dismiss me as a hypocrite, let me give my spiel on this topic. First of all, coilovers are mad expensive. Secondly, the level of use is directly proportional to the level of coilovers a user requires. I’m not planning on entering any serious competitions in the near future, so I see no point in dropping 2-3k+ on a “good” set of coilovers (a la Topline Aragostas, Quantums, Ohlins, etc.) for a street car. Any cheaper but still satisfactory set of coilovers would do the same job, and the differences otherwise would essentially be null.

I narrowed my picks down to Stance GR+s and BC Racing BR Types. I initially went with Stances, only to find out they oversold on my order weeks later. Bad business practice, they can’t even do the simple task of tallying inventory and sales. Not really bad news, because the vendor I went through was supportive and gave me a nice discount on these BC Racings in return.

And here they are.

The company, Bor Chaun in Taiwan, is a major manufacturer of many different private labels, from Megans to Apex’is apparently. The BC Racing line is their own, introduced in 2006. Just because the company makes Megan coilovers, you can’t discount the BC Racing line, which is higher end, as being crap as well. That would be like saying Acuras are the same as Hondas, because they’re under the same roof. Different specs are obviously used, like a large 53mm damper body and different internals. I had a pair of BC Racings in the rear a few years ago on an old car, and had no complaints.

Top pillow-ball mount:

Camber plate:

Collars, I added a little preload to the springs by about a turn or so:

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