I’ve been half tempted to buy back an OEM license plate holder and taillight so I can make the 600RR somewhat street legal. Probably won’t do it, because I’m still not a huge fan of street riding, but I could at least keep in form. I’m not sure if I even know how to ride a bike anymore… The first and also most recent time I really rode the 600rr was the last trackday months ago… Other than that, I’ve been delegated to the confines of my neighborhood and very brief sessions. The mountain bike hasn’t faired much better either, it’s been many weeks since I rode that.

My garage is looking a bit sad with my forlorn bikes just sitting…

On the bright side, Spring is around the corner (even though the weather sure doesn’t look like it). Remaining optimistic the Sun will come out soon, and riding will be done. Here’s a picture of me romping around the neighborhood a few weeks ago (one of those brief, warm up rides).

Full squid.

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