I’ll admit I’ve been slacking with the posts recently. My bread and butter for this site is primarily with projects and garage crap, which have been on hold. The fact that it’s Winter (and Winter is a stupid, stupid season) is not contingent with activity levels. All that, and I’ve just been busy with life. And busy is good. Wasting time and essentially life is one of the worst things, and it’s all based on voluntary levels of motivation and willingness to apply tact.

Anyway, here’s an abbreviated pictorial rundown of my days.

Making use of the public transit system:

Some wandering around this place:

Chilling in a cube:

Sure, my travelings and its glamor have stopped for the time being… but the opportunity I have now is way more legit and I have every intention on seizing the f&#! out of it. Needless to say, I’m happy with life and my priorities, but I have to focus on working hard and keeping up the grind. WORD.

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