Lately, I’ve been getting hoard after hoard of packages with car parts, so it was a breath of fresh air when this particular one showed up. I was way more excited about it than all the others. Inside this styrofoam-lined box was my new plant.

You really can buy anything on the internet. Even though the plant spent almost a week in a box being shipped, it came out nice and healthy.

Its an Aglaonema, but not just any… Since I’m a nerd, I made my choice with this specific plant as a homage to my childhood favorite movie. Actually, it’s probably still my favorite movie. Bonus points if you can guess it.

Léon, of course :-)

I have the plant sitting on my room’s desk right now. Should be interesting to watch it grow. I’m going to let it get used to the environment for a while, and then transplant it into a larger pot. Sometimes you just gotta slow things down and enjoy the finer offerings of life.

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