Contrary to the coilovers, there are no suitable alternatives when it comes to axles, nor many choices to begin with. You either have axles that will break, or you can shell out like a beast and get some 600HP level axles. Guess which route I took.

Yeah, this was no small investment, but I think the security of having strengthened axles will be worth the saved headache in the future. Plus, this just goes to show how serious I am with this build. Gone are the days of being a pathetic poser, I’m not doing all this to pimp in a parking lot.

These Driveshaft Shop axles feature a ball and cage type outer CV. From what I know, the stock axle’s bar is not the weak point, rather, the tripod style CV joint is what normally breaks. Either way, the Driveshaft Shop Axles do have higher grade metal in the center bars.

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