On Friday I was chilling at home after work when I got a call about a downed bike… so I loaded up the trusty Previa with the essentials (tie-downs, ramp, Baxley chock [the best and only]) and went over to help.

In the above picture, if you look on the road under the police car, you can see a dark circular shadow… which is actually a crater/sinkhole. Riding in traffic + Front Wheel falling into a hole = Bad Day. Just goes to show how quickly and easily something can go wrong when riding on the street. I will save my commentary though.

From what I heard, the rider is okay, nothing serious… just bruises. Bike faired about the same – most of the damage was up top around the headlights and some scrapes on the gas tank and rear tail. The fairing-stay did crack and get pushed down, which causes the reservoir on the clutch master cylinder to hit, inhibiting right turns. Easy enough of a fix.

Bike loaded up and off the road. Even this huge CBR1000RR fit, pretty cool.

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