I’ve reached my limit of waiting. All these months, after scouring craigslist and forums every day, it’s been conclusive that the car I’m looking for does not exist. Maybe it does exist, but to have all the right qualities match up (low miles, no sun roof, the right color, clean history, etc.), and be put on sale for me to see… is too unlikely. So instead becoming more and more disappointed, I’m going to moving on… to exactly what I’m not entirely certain yet.

For giggles, this S14 from New Zealand was an inspiration of what I was trying to achieve. Not exactly the same, but the overall cleanliness and stock appeal were what I was after. Finding such an example, in stock form, turned out to be an impossibility… Doesn’t help that I’m incredibly picky, either. I’ve learned too well that it’s absolutely paramount to find exactly what you want. Quality over quantity… do it once or do it twice, etc.

This endeavor turned out to be quite a failure. Now I’m sitting on a mountain of parts that I need to offload. A good chance for someone else to capitalize on what I’ve accumulated though, take a look at my for sale ad HERE.

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