Technically speaking, I’m on my third Miata. Some old habits never change.

The first one shouldn’t even count. This was back in ’09, and was extremely shortlived ownership wise. I think it was sold within a few weeks of purchasing. The Montego Blue paint was in horrible shape and oxidized everywhere.

Now, this yellow one was my first real experience with a Miata… unfortunately, this car also was jank as well. Salvage titled and repainted. Overall just a rough, cheap car. It did get me places for a while, but I soon got tired of it. I bought as is:

I couldn’t hang with the yellow color… very bad idea. The car might as well have been a beacon with wheels.

Hence, why I think Miatas should only be painted in neutral or dark colors… Black, white, silver, etc.

So why did I end up choosing a Miata again? It seemed like an obvious choice over the S14. I refined my philosophy and knew that at the root, my ideal car is a simple one. A Miata has all the qualities of a raw and crude car, but with modern touches. The pop-up headlights also sealed the deal. Plus, I like the idea of owning a more controversial type of car. I have, after all, been driving a Prius.

Anyway, definitely looking forward to the stuff ahead with this particular Miata, because I finally own a clean, not-crappy one.

One thought on “MX5 Past

  1. ah, did not know about that very first one. well, let’s see this project start from the roots then come on up. i definitely look forward to where the plans of the miata will be in the future.

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