Was reminded today how dirty and unpleasant car work can be. I followed the common ritual of changing the oil, and also did the transmission fluid as well. At least getting the jack under the car is still easy… should probably savor it while it lasts.

Maybe a bit hard to tell in the above pic, but the front bumper has 2 dents in the middle thanks to a metal license plate bracket.

Underneath… wasn’t too pleased to find a film of oil accumulating around the oil pan and the front of the transmission. Either way, I spent a bit of time cleaning it off… will have to keep an eye on any leaks in the future. Could be caused by a number of things. The highest possibility is from the crank angle sensor’s o-ring up top, behind the exhaust side cam. In the best case scenario it’s from oil filter changes over time, since the filter is mounted horizontally in the middle of the block, and tends to have spillage if not cleaned off. Speaking of the oil filter, I found that the easiest way to loosen it was with the passenger front wheel off, and through the side on the bottom.

My choice of oils… Amsoil 10w40 in the engine (3.8-4.0 qts), and 75w90 GL4 in the transmission (2 qts). And a Wix filter to top it off.

Also had a guy come over and roll the fenders today. I decided I didn’t want to rent a roller and do it myself this time around, rather just let someone more experienced handle it.

I didn’t have the best of times rolling around on the floor in grease, but work needs to be done.

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