The day I decide to pull the plug on the S14 idea… I find an ideal Black on Black Miata. It’s truly amazing how things changed and worked. It took me 4 months of constant searching for a S14 I could never find, and only 1 day of browsing craigslist to find this Miata. Feels good man.

The actual ad itself was a bit thin on details, no pictures or anything. I called the seller, who is also a dealer, and convinced him to drive the car to my house from Pacific Grove. Cool and honest guy, gave me a great deal too. He came through and the car is a gem. It was definitely a gamble since I had to base everything off descriptions over the phone. On paper the car was really nice, and thankfully, in person as well. It does need attention to the front and rear bumpers, and there are door dings around the car, but other than that the Miata is solid.

So here it is, a 1997 with fairly low miles (58k) and clean title with no history. No A/C, no power windows, no ABS, no BS… perfect.

I’ve now appropriately changed the category name from Project “X” to Project Roadster. It’s ON!!

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