Not the most idyllic of Saturdays… Rather than doing something utterly pointless, or nothing at all, I actually put in work. I spent most of the day helping wrestle in a new water heater. A couple weeks ago, the old water heater sprung a leak and then it went away… so we just ignored it. Inevitably, the leak came back, so it had to be taken care of (now, anyway).



I also got a chance to take care of the Previa’s flat problem. Luckily, it came with a full-size spare. Unluckily, it was a pain in the ass to get. The weird cage thing holding up the wheel was rigged all retarded, and I ended up having to cut it. With the spare wheel free, I was able to unbolt everything entirely (weight savings son).

Back in business.

Yeah, today wasn’t much fun.

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