As a quick follow-up, here is the engine bay now in its current stage and after I did more cleaning. Looks fairly presentable now. I took off the coolant overflow reservoir in this picture, should have something else in the works soon.

This is the open differential, now a big paperweight. Can’t wait to try out the new Tomei unit, but the 30 minute figure 8’s for the break-in is going to suck.

This is the battery that will be going in, a Deka ETX18L. Reasonably priced and compact. From my research, many people claim that Deka manufactures Braille batteries and many others. Braille batteries have more QA and better dress up, but are essentially the same. Sounds believable enough given how manufacturing and branding works, especially with products that have limited suppliers. Here’s a comparison with the stock battery.

Tip: A drill + socket adapters + universal joints is a combination that leads to easier and faster work. No one wants to turn a ratchet forever. I found myself trying to use the drill more often than needed because of how much funner it is.

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