When I was looking around for Miata exhausts, it didn’t take long before I realized that the available options are thin. So I went another route. I contacted ARTech Fabrication from Texas and contracted a custom build. I’m done with big fart cans, I wanted something more sophisticated. Since the choice was under my control, I went with a pie-cut dolphin tail/turn-down style.

The exhaust is made from 16 gauge Stainless Steel, 2.5″ piping to a Magnaflow Race muffler and out a 3″ tip. Fully tig-welded. At the end, I added in a test pipe with a flex joint. There is a turnaround time, but all good things are worth the wait.

Here it is on the car, great fitment. Nothing can really compare to hand crafted quality.

The subtle looking tip.

I’ll need to take care of how loud this exhaust is, though… I might throw the stock catalytic converter back on later.

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