The car came with an Alpine CDM-9803, but I decided to toss it in favor of the Alpine CDA-117 I have. Out of all the head units I’ve owned, I’d say the CDA-117 is the most impressive. Most importantly, it has the very good Burr-Brown decoder.

I also picked up a new center console because I slightly scratched the original one trying to pull off the old headunit.

Out with the inferior:

In with the superior:

I was looking forward to installing this headunit for a while, because it’s probably one of the most pinnacle mods for the car. I think an acute advantage cars possess is being able to sit back and listen to MUSIC (not the radio, that doesn’t count). Why even bother driving a car if you can’t play any music.

While I was putting back the interior, I took the time to throw on a Redline Goods black with back stitching suede shift boot to match the steering wheel, and the ARC Titanium shift knob to crown it.

One thought on “Alpine CDA-117 and ARC Titanium Shift Knob

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